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Weekly Cleaning

*Blowing Off Pool Deck

*Empty Skimmer & Pump Baskets

*Skimming Surface of Pool to Remove Debris

*Brushing Walls and Tile Line, as needed

*Vacuuming Pool/Spa

*Backwashing Filter

*Testing and Adding Chemicals to Balance Water Chemistry for Safe Swimming 

Preventative Maintenance

Each weekly visit we inspect the pool and equipment to check for small leaks and needed repairs. We make the small repairs when they start to help you avoid the big repair cost.

Repair & Equipment Installation

We continue to attend major brand seminars and workshops to stay informed on the newest products on the market and to learn the most about the products currently in the field to best troubleshoot and repair. We shop the online market and use a local distributor to ensure the best prices on all products for our customers. It is important to us to complete your repairs or new installs quickly and professionally and we care about how a job looks when completed. We pride ourselves on clean work completed correctly the first time. 

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